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Criminal activity may just be around the corner, but you can be prepared for such incidents. Hello, I’m Ricky D. Johnson, Sr. I am a former law enforcement officer and security specialist with over 40 years of experience. I am also the owner of Devore Personal Safety where teaching crime prevention and personal safety is our utmost priority. We provide training in personal safety, crime prevention, and active assailant classes, in the Baltimore and Washington, D. C. Metropolitan area. 

With more than 40 years in the industry of public and personal safety, we train people to understand the dynamics to avoiding criminal activity. When a criminal's "Desire and Ability" are present, all that is required is the "Opportunity" to complete the crime. DeVore Personal Safety's goal is to assist you with using good judgement and recognizing  the importance of your personal safety and crime prevention plan.

Interested in our "Refuse to be a Victim" Crime Prevention course, or Active Assailant Prevention and Response course. Contact us today at 1-800-940-6202.  

Who Is DeVore Personal Safety 

DeVore Personal Safety is an independent NRA-Certified Trainer in our flagship course "Refuse To Be A Victim" Program, committed to teaching basic principles about crime prevention and personal safety. We never think about a crime happening to us, until it does. Sometimes unfortunate criminal events occur unexpectedly, negatively impacting our quality of life and our expectations of feeling safe. Having a good personal safety and crime prevention plan can assist you with your personal security through awareness, and actions to avoid crime. 

"Refuse To Be A Victim" is an interactive comprehensive crime prevention program intended to empower individuals to take responsibility for their own safety. The course takes particpants through the activities that constitute a "normal" day. such as walking, driving, using an ATM, etc. The program teaches techniques to help minimize the risk of becoming a target of crime and strategies for responding to threatening situations. The course can be customized to a specific audience (senior citizens, workplace employees, students etc.), or various situations (safety in the workplace, traveling, etc.), or to  specialized workplace groups. Our goal is to help you live smarter and safer by providing affordable and realistic crime avoidance training.  Street crime and violence is by its very nature volatile and unpredictable. However, you can "Refuse To Be A Victim" and stay safe by ensuring your own safety and be  your first line of defense against criminals. 

There are no absolutes or certainties  when it comes to criminal activity, whether it be due to street crime, active assailant incidents, or a possible terrorist attack, recognize that threat recognition, and fear management are fundamental principles for survival. A person's personal security should be a working blend of awareness, attitude, and training. If you want to know more about the NRA "Refuse To Be A Victim" Program you can find out information by contacting DeVore Personal Safety on how to host a local seminar, or email: [email protected] and for more information about "Refuse To Be A Victim" go to   

DeVore Personal Safety also provides training in Active Assailant Prevention and Response. In our course we talk about OSHA Workplace Regulations pertaining to employee safety, landmark Incidents that led to high profile lawsuits and set case precedence across the country.

The (5) Types of Workplace Violence, Recognizing the (3) Phrases: Trigger, Escalation, Critical and the Stages of a potential active assailant (The Insider Threat), Different Active Assailant Incidents across Maryland, Virginia, and the D.C. Metro area, Response to an active assailant incident, What to expect during the incident. and Recovery.

 Ask yourself, are you the Sheep or the Sheep Dog? 

Mission Statement

The Mission of DeVore Personal Safety is to enhance the quality of life, safety, and security of our community. We accomplish our  mission through the delivery of a comprehensive and integrated personal training programs, in partnership with the community that we serve.

We reflect the diversity of our community. We pledge to deliver professional personal safety training services that value and respect the rights and differences of all. We are committed to the professional and personal development of our training staff, and in turn we expect all of our employees to be role models of excellence. Ultimately, we strive each and every day to earn the trust, confidence, and respect of those we services. 

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